We have undertaken Strategic Reviews for clients who wanted an independent perspective of their business, its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and what they need to do to maximise value

  • Understand and review current strategy
  • Detailed analysis of the business, including a comprehensive SWOT analysis
  • Market positioning
  • Business planning
  • Commercial due diligence
  • Exit planning

This work can continue in an on-going basis including regular attendance at board meetings to help deliver on strategy.


We have good relationships with a range of institutional funders and have a detailed understanding of what they are looking for from potential clients. We can present a range of funding options depending on client requirements and have the experience of ensuring that clients are prepared appropriately to ensure an efficient and effective process:

  • Traditional banks
  • Challenger banks
  • Venture Capital
  • Private Equity
  • Mezzanine
  • Bespoke investment funds aimed at entreprenuers
Institutional interest in the sector has increased considerably over the last 5 years as the value in delivering business solutions and recurring revenues is appreciated

Our industry experience and long history of M&A in the sector ensures that we can advise and provide support on all elements of an acquisition process. We have advised clients on numerous acquisitions where we can offer a hands-on approach to the process:

  • Valuation and deal structure
  • Negotiation of key terms
  • Due diligence
  • Project management of the process
  • Post completion planning

This unique industry experience in TMT M&A throughout our careers ensures that we can provide significant additional value to clients during a process.


Our expertise in the sector is unparalleled and allows us to minimise disruption and maximise value for shareholders

  • We spend time understanding a client’s business, ensuring that we fully understand the type of transaction sought
  • We can set out a range of transaction options, and know where to unlock hidden value and opportunities
  • We ensure that we can deliver to your expectations and these are understood at the earliest stage
  • Most importantly, we provide a highly disciplined level of project management to minimise business disruption
  • We would expect the process to last between 5 and 9 months and can bespoke the process to fit your timescales



Richard Pennington

4net Technologies

We built up a relationship working with Knight over a number of years. They took the time to understand our business and they used their industry knowledge and contacts and highlighted a number of different options that we did not realise were available to us. Knight identified YFM as an investor with significant experience supporting management teams in the TMT sector. They managed an intensive process and they were instrumental in getting this deal to complete

Rob Sims

Nexus Telecommunications

We have been working with Knight for a number of years, they understood our business and the aspirations of the shareholders, and helped to unlock value in our business that was eventually realised as part of the disposal to Elite. Knight managed each aspect of the sale process and their experience and relationships with both the buyer and our team proved fundamental in ensuring the transaction completed. The shareholders are all delighted with the outcome and Knight’s involvement, I’m also very excited about the opportunity to join Elite as part of the group leadership team.

Stuart Wilson

Blue Bay Travel

Sam and the team at Knight were invaluable in identifying the ideal partner for our business. Their understanding of Blue Bay and experience in the sector allowed them to quickly identify and engage a range of interested parties and the competition in the process ensured we were able to negotiate a superb deal that exceeded our expectations.

Patt Botting

Freedom Communications

Knight took the time to understand our aspirations for the business and were able to tailor the process to target the most appropriate transaction for us. In the end, we chose a trade sale as it enabled the Founders to exit fully at completion. Knight managed each aspect of the sale process and their experience and relationships with both the buyer and our team proved fundamental in ensuring the transaction completed on time and on expectation. Needless to say, we are delighted with the outcome.

Paul Harrison

The Voice Factory

We work with Knight on an on-going basis and their knowledge of our business and their experience of working with Finance Wales ensured that we could secure the required funding with no disruption to the business. Knight knew what was required and ensured that the decision for Finance Wales and the process to completion was very straightforward.

Peter Morrell-Brown

NET Coverage Solutions

Before Net started working with Knight CF, the structure of the business was not focused, board meetings were infrequent and generally concentrated on the operational side of the business. In contrast, with Knights guidance and support, board meetings are now held every month, each board director is focused on the financial performance of the business, and as a group of directors, with Nets senior managers, we are now working together as a team, towards a well-defined business plan and strategy.

Steve Harris

Siphon Networks

We first worked with Knight when they helped us secure funding from Finance Wales in 2015, and just over a year later Knight were approached by Nuvias who were looking to add UC and technology integration expertise to their portfolio. Knight introduced us to Nuvias and subsequently managed the process through to a satisfactory completion for all parties.

Matt Newing

Elite Tele.com

Knight ensured that the banks fully understood what a great opportunity this was for them and created a level of competition that we had never experienced before.

Suresh Punjabi


Knight's unique industry contacts opened up the opportunity with Jersey Telecom and they showed professionalism throughout a lengthy and often emotional process.

Phil Harvey

Shine Telecom

Knight’s professionalism and calmness gave me a great deal of reassurance during what was a very difficult due diligence process. Their negotiation of the consideration on our behalf and maximising the price achieved was also very impressive.

Steve Donovan

Armstrong Communications

Knight found the right buyer for our business and were instrumental in ensuring that the deal completed after a lengthy and difficult process.

Mark Drury


Knight CF took time to understand my future personal and business requirements and find the right deal structure for me. I was looking to realise some of the value in my business, and at the same time believed I could deliver the full potential of Callstream as part of a larger group organisation. Knight CF was instrumental in ensuring that the deal with Bluebell Telecom Group addressed all my aspirations.

Matthew Riley


Knight's knowledge and experience helped to ensure that the deal completed smoothly and we were ready and prepared to provide a seamless handover to new partners.

Lee Norvall

Fusion Media Networks

It has been a real experience working with Knight over the last few years. The MBO enabled me to drive the business forward and Knight’s experience ensured we were focused on shareholder value as well as delivering the best service experience to my customers. When the time was right Knight was able to identify and target the right acquirers, manage the sales process end to end, and ultimately deliver the best buyer for the business.

Ash Bodey


Knight were always on hand for us and delivered a deal within incredibly tight timescales. They were a pleasure to deal with and delivered on their promises.

Robert Fee

FLR Spectron

We recognise and appreciate the value that Knight bring in advising us on our strategy and ensuring that our focus is on long term goals.

Nigel Owens

YFM Equity Partners

Knight proved adept at ensuring that all shareholders’ interests were taken care of in the transaction with J2 Global, and were key to keeping the process going when things got difficult between a fragmented shareholder base.

Mick Crosthwaite


I was delighted with the way that Knight managed the process and found us the right buyer. Knight’s experience and relationships with the buyer and our key shareholders proved fundamental in ensuring the transaction completed.

Dermot Conlon

Ascent Global Services

Working with yourself and Laura on the transaction was an absolute pleasure. The advice and support received, ensured we had the right buyer and the most appropriate deal structure for both parties.

Craig Busst

City Numbers

I was delighted with the way that Knight managed the process and found me the right buyer and a deal that I was very satisfied with. I’d previously been involved in the disposal of another business and found the process tortuous and stressful, but having Knight on board kept the whole process running smoothly.

Another Testimonial